December 31, 2011

Botak ? Sebab2 Orang nak Jadi Botak !

Being bald as a result of chemo is a shock, I cannot lie. But along the way I’ve discovered a few things that rock about being hairless. Here we go…

1. Showers take 5 minutes. Really.
2. Shaving my legs? Nope. Don’t have to. They are smooth and sleek.
3. Armpits? Nope.
4. No more $45 haircuts.
5. Shampoo, conditioners, mousse, gel, and hairspray: No longer   needed (although I should be feeling some more money in my pocket at this point. Hmmm.)

6. I don’t have to take the time to comb, dry, and style my hair. I’m much faster than Robert at getting ready now (well I was always faster, but now I’m much faster. I’m competitive, so I get a little thrill every time I beat him at something, even if it’s petty.)

7. Cool and even exotic hats. I have a hand knit blue and green beret, a black Anne Hathaway/Devils Wears Prada hat with a buckle on the side, a fur and purple/silver fabric cap that looks like something a cardinal would have worn in the Renaissance, and a pink ski hat with fleece inside. Love them.

8. When I take my hat or wig off, I like to rub my hand back and forth over stubbly head. Why? I don’t know. But it feels good.

9. No hair in my food.

10. I never have a bad hair day.
Can you think of any more? Help me look on the bright side!

Mona Lisa

Aku dah dpt selesaikan code MONA LISA !!
dia sebenarnya botak .. haha
haiii , bila lah rahsia gmbr ni nk terdedah kn ? hurmm..


  1. hey. i like ur blog. coz i love green. haha..
    n n been thinking nk ltk ur blog in my bloglist..
    u want??